Sunday, June 20, 2010

process of reconstruction Spit of majapahit

Hello this is spirit of majapahit 

The Spirit of majapahit was build by Indonesian shipwright at Madura island East Java , is unique because of its oval shape with two sharp ends designed to break through waves of up to five meters.
Made from old and dry teak, petung bamboo, and a type of wood from Sumenep, East Java, the vessel, Indonesia’s largest traditional ship, is 20 meters long, 4.5 wide and 2 meters tall. 

The craftsmen  didn't use even one iron nail who jointed each planks with wooden nails it coled "pasat"  

It has two wooden steering wheels at the stern and  outrigger on both sides that serves as a counterweight and to keep balance 

The bamboo  Outriggers are distinctive of south east Asian's traditional ship
Twin outriggers defends ship against side wave was attended by risk overturn ship at open sea even if hight wave  It will enable ship to do expedition with safe 

We found some huge bamboo trees  in forest of Madura was stripped bark off its then was dried off it 

  A happy thing , sunset of Java sea is pretty good 

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